00_ (AUS)

00_ (double oh nothing) are an experimental rock band with a drip fed, magnetic sound. A warm damage, a gleaming vocal performance, a coordinated racket of unhinged guitar smothered in a viscous porridge of urgent drums and bass.

Based in Naarm, so called Melbourne, 00_ are a dose of reality. Dissonant, ever-changing, overwhelming and unpredictable. With their body of work thus far seeing them dip their toes all over, they frequent sounds from post-punk to noise rock, no wave and even a slither of pop. Yet, they are very much a product of their environment, drawing inspiration from fellow Australian artists such as The Dirty Three, The Drones and No sister. 

Our increasingly apocalyptic world needs a soundtrack.

"00_ are an “eclectic joyride packed full of gripping musical ideas.” - Young Bodies