bonnuit (CA)

Bonnuit write to tell a story, every noise a word, every song a paragraph.

Based out of Victoria, BC, this trio draws inspiration from late 70’s post-punk (Joy Division, the Cure, Wipers) and mid 90’s post-hardcore (Unwound, Lotus Plaza, The Pixies) to create a soundscape of their own.

Consisting of Viny (bass & vocals), Drue (guitar & vocals), and Nevada (drums & noise), their sound ebbs and flows around the study of the human condition: fear, anxiety, hope, and happiness.

At the beginning of 2020, Viny and Drue started writing and developing the sound that would become Bonnuit. In August of 2020, Viny and Drue recruited Nevada to play drums filling out the line-up. The songs came together quickly, and wanting to capture lightning in a bottle, the band worked with Colin
Stewart at The Hive to record their debut EP “Leave it up to you” which will be released in 2021.