bronson arm (USA)

Bronson Arm is a 2-piece noise punk band hailing from Kalamazoo, MI. Featuring Blake Bickel on baritone guitar/vocals and Garrett Yates on drums, the duo delivers a stripped down and percussive dissonance that refuses to be ignored. 

Exploring dark rhythmic tensions and erratic mood shifts in an anxiety laden landscape, Bronson Arm’s quickly evolving body of work effortlessly meanders from slow burning dirges to spasmodic jolting bangers. As the band briefly dips their toes into elements of no wave, noise rock and might hear hints of artists like Metz, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and KARP. 

Having played drums or bass in his previous musical endeavours - Shotgun Moses and The Great Goddamn (Bleeding Light Records, Void Assault) - Blake approaches his guitar like a percussive instrument...plucking and raking atonal drones upon Garrett's explosive pummelling of the drums. 

2021 sees the band return to the studio to capture their engaging brand of noise rock to surprise fans again and again.

"Rollicking post-punk riffs with a metallic resonance, relentless drum whangs, haunting vocals and an instantly mind-boggling impact until the volcanic climax."
- Turn Up The Volume
Bronson Arm - Garrett and Blake
Bronson Arm - Pig Couch