//LESS is a French noise/punk trio that overwhelms you with their torrent of noise, driven by explosive rhythms, two bass lines boosted with effects, and powerful and tortured vocals.

The trio have been making waves in their hometown of Annecy, France, and the surrounding areas. By utilizing two bass guitars and drums, they are able to add a lot of heft to their dissonant and dark sound as they captivate audiences with their heaviness whenever they perform live.

Inspired by the noise and punk scenes from the late 80s and early 90s, the band explores topics such as politics, religion, current events, and addictions. Taking a critical look at today's society and the state of the world.

"Two basses, drums, vocals on top of that, it's no joke and it's damn convincing. It's like being back to the best days of Milkmine but it's //LESS, a group far too young to have known these dinosaurs. However, the filiation is there and //LESS goes full speed ahead with acuity and a great mastery of violence to rough up noise-rock with ultra-abrasive rhythms and burning vocals. Long live //LESS.” - PERTE & FRACAS