means of entry (US)

Hailing from the grey city of Lansing Michigan, Means of Entry is a group of young experimental noisemakers, whose sound channels the intensity of the chaos around them. Known in the underground scene of Michigan for their decibel pushing live performances and consciousness altering soundscapes, they attempt to gain entry to the volume drenched rapture of the music that inspires them.

Having been in previous projects together from their earlier years, guitarist/vocalist Conner Boyle and drummer Liam Lavich wanted to break from their old conventions and attempt to make something raw, confrontational, soul crushingly-loud, and emotionally moving. After losing their beloved bassist Gage Vilminot to the windy city, they recruited Conner’s longtime partner and bassist Audrey Rose, and the shoegaze acolyte Jonah Myers. With their lineup complete, Means of Entry developed their explosive sound, and the music that would become their first ep. 

Drawing from elements of the mighty Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Swans and Blonde Redhead, the ethereal sounds of LSD and the search for god, Codeine, Beach House and Low, to the punk rock ferocity of Sonic Youth, Unwound, and Nice Strong Arm, they form a sound wholly unto themselves. 

Whether it be through the feedback drenched guitars swirling between Conner and Jonah, the waves of shifting freedom and expression in the percussion of Liam Lavich, or the minimalist percussive drones of Audrey Rose’s bass holding it all together, the sound they create has penetrated an emotional center that the underground has been longing for.