memory cell (US)

Memory Cell is an up-and-coming band hailing from Michigan, specializing in the captivating genres of shoegaze and math rock. Their intricate and melodious compositions have already garnered significant attention. With the release of two EPs, namely "Spatial Reasoning" and "Burden of a Body," they have quickly gained a devoted following in their hometown of Kalamazoo and its surrounding areas.

The band's lyrical content masterfully blends concise and abstract reflections of the human experience, saturating their songs with depth and emotion. The guitarists, displaying contrasting tonalities ranging from angular styles to chorus-driven melodies, captivate listeners with their versatility. The addition of dynamic and creative bass lines adds an extra dimension to their sound, while the calculated yet disjointed drum style carries the music with purpose and intention.

The talented lineup features Kayley Kerastas, who contributes on guitar and vocals, Rory S. on guitar, Levi Hambright on bass, and Evan Asher on drums. As they gear up for an exciting 2023, Memory Cell has a packed tour schedule, including a supporting role for esteemed Canadian Flemish Eye recording artist, Blessed.

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