High-power drums, exploding guitars and bright vocals define VVYNN’s rock sound. Hailing from Aalst, Belgium, Angie Clopterop and Jonathan Roseleth started as a duo in 2014, but since then they’ve grown into the energetic foursome that the band is today. Jeroen Sergeant (bass) and Joachim Van Vaerenbergh (guitar) add pulsating lows and titillating high notes to the dynamically structured songs.

Sometimes meandering, always ready for an unexpected twist or turn, VVYNN takes you on a journey through their universe filled with outcasts and unease. They lure you in but might knock you down right after.

The band will release a new EP in 2022 showing their strengths as a quartet.

“‘Home’ is a beautifully energetic track with raucous guitars, bright vocals and really is a fun listen. The bolshy nature of the chorus perfectly contradicts the verses in a passionate way, managing to create a sound that rises and falls in union with the emotions portrayed. A perfect grungy-pop track.” - Vinyl Chapters (USA)