down the lees (CA)

Caustic and raw, Down the Lees’ dynamic vocals and guitar draw you in, only to strike a blow with a heavy rhythm section. The project has followed an eclectic musical path with engaging and dynamic soundscapes inspired by genres such as post-rock, shoegaze, hardcore, slowcore, and no-wave - often echoing the work of artists such as PJ Harvey, Slint, Sonic Youth and Low, to name just a few.  

Growing up in the 90s Vancouver music scene, Laura Lee toured with her previous projects (Queazy, New Years Resolution, Skinjobs) extensively in the USA and Canada, before starting Down the Lees. Beginning as a solo act back in 2005, Laura Lee performed all the instruments and wrote all of the material on her debut album, 360 1/4 Degrees. Her sophomore album, The Guest Room, featured guest musicians and was recorded at the infamous Mushroom Studios in Vancouver. The Wear me Out EP was recorded by Laura Lee in her home studio and written/performed with special guests. 

While living in Belgium, she found Kwinten Gluehorse and Jonathan Frederix to join the band. 2019 was shaping up to be very good for the trio. The release of the critically acclaimed Steve Albini recorded album, ‘Bury The Sun’, was just picking up speed. A slew of highly dynamic and energetic shows were being played as they started touring Belgium, France, and The Netherlands. Plus, the band was shortlisted to go on tour with the Sisters of Mercy in Italy. Then, lockdown. Everything stopped. We all had to adjust to the “new normal”. She played a few online solo shows and began writing new material to work on with the band. It never happened. As the weeks turned into months, the call of home was too loud to ignore so she packed up all her gear and moved back to Canada to be closer to family. takes proverbial blood, sweat and tears to lure an audience…those who were there were stunned at what this woman can do.” - Luminous Dash

"Instantly engaging riff-driven gorgeousness" - Loud Women

"Caustic, sincere and cutting like a knife, this is the way she delivers her music. Add to that a bit of DIY and you got a class act that keeps evolving." 

- Sloucher Magazine

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