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Emerging from Vancouver's dynamic music scene, Down the Lees initially took shape as a solo project led by the creative force, Laura Lee Schultz, renowned for her work with Queazy, Skinjobs, and New Years Resolution. Evolving over time, the project has produced three albums, an EP, and a diverse array of singles exploring post-rock, shoegaze, hardcore, slowcore, and no-wave.

Undergoing a transformative phase in Belgium, Down the Lees transitioned into a vibrant live band. In 2020, the European chapter embarked on a tour featuring the critically acclaimed album 'Bury The Sun,' produced by the legendary Steve Albini. This tour spanned Belgium, France, and The Netherlands, culminating in an invitation to share the stage with the Sisters of Mercy in Italy.

In response to the global pandemic, the project briefly paused, prompting Laura Lee's return to Canada for a period of self-care and reflection. Undeterred by challenges, she channeled global adversity into the creation of new music. With the anticipation of a return to normalcy, a Canadian incarnation of the band emerged, introducing seasoned professionals Chris Carlson on bass and Andy Ashley on drums. Hailing from the Okanagan Valley, this trio weaves a sonic tapestry characterized by thunderous guitars and pulsating drums, complemented by LL's vocals delivering the undeniable harsh truths of life.

Down the Lees' journey, from Vancouver to Europe and back, stands as a testament to resilience amid global upheavals. With a touring history encompassing Canada, Belgium, France, and The Netherlands, the band has left an indelible mark on diverse audiences. Their discography includes three albums, an EP, and a series of compelling singles, all underscored by a noteworthy recording experience with Steve Albini in Chicago.

A highly anticipated EP, produced by Jesse Gander of Raincity Recorders (Brutus, Japandroids), is scheduled for release in Spring 2024.

"Lockdown threw Schultz to the mat, but it couldn’t knock her out and she’s back stronger than ever. Alive and kicking, again.” PICK OF THE DAY - Turn Up The Volume

"We received the touring band Down the Lees from the Okanagan making their offering, and they fucking killed it. With solid vocals leading the way, this trio brought a tight and well polished set to my ear holes" - LIVE REVIEW - Eldergod Vancouver

"Turn "Dead and Over" loud and within the barrage of guitars, bass and drums potent and, at times, stoic and plodding like the teeth clenched walk into a fire, and Laura Lee's biting, spit and sweat vocal countenance (in between violent musical punches) there is the rebounding power of having been pushed against the wall one too many times.” - American Pancake

Down The Lees band photos
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Down The Lees band photos
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Down The Lees band photos
Down The Lees band photos
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Down The Lees band photos
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