fantasy boys (CA)

Shane Phillipson (bass, vocals), Shawn Bristow (guitar, vocals) and Joe Shimeld (drums) are no strangers to the the vibrant Vancouver indie rock scene. They have played together in numerous bands for a many decades. Bands like Closed Caption Radio, Robosexuals, Safety Show and What’s Wrong Tohei only scratch the surface as to what they have been a part of. They have also had the opportunity to share stages with Arches of Loaf, At The Drive-In, Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse.

As Fantasy Boys, they quietly released their debut self-titled EP in August, 2020, which was mixed by Jesse Gander of Raincity Recorders. The songs are short and simple with an unapologetic whiff of late 90s - early 2000s post-rock. Fans of the prolific musicians ate it up!

The band is currently in the studio, getting ready for the inevitable onslaught of shows that will surely come their way.
Fantasy Boys_3