foxeagle (FR)

Based in Dijon, France, Foxeagle is Emilie Célarier's band. Or rather a solo project, hers and hers alone. She sings, plays the guitar, provides all the instrumentation and composes dark and deep songs that are terribly moving. They are definitely abysmal but at the same time, undulating and fascinating...a bit like the black waves on the artwork of her debut album ‘Waves On Water’, which was released in 2020 via the French indie labels, Last Disorder and Atypeek.

Maybe this water is dangerously murky and barely hides us from some frightening chasms, but these chasms turn out to be terribly attractive, as if caught in the light and the reverberation of a blazing sun.

There is romanticism and melancholy in Foxeagle's music that will surprise nobody. Emilie could not be clearer in the assertion that beyond the shadows and the undulations of a mysterious and intimidating water, the most important thing remains the fascination, the seizure, the beauty, and all the emotions that we feel in front of such an unconditional beauty. - (Hazam)

"Foxeagle pushes this emotional and nervous rock to its limits, even if it means playing with a noisy texture that sometimes brings the project closer to Sonic Youth or Thurston Moore's radical solo albums." - La Grosse Radio

"Emilie Célarier internalizes with great precision her own aliments, accentuated by a limpid and breathable production. Source of a work started four years ago, Waves On Water demonstrates the great qualities of Foxeagle, at the peak of its art with this first EP. - Indie Rock Mag

"Foxeagle's music can be likened to that of Chelsea Wolfe, mainly from the album Apokalypsis. One can also detect a hint of Slint, a little bit of Angels Of Light and a little bit of Swans - when they only sleep with one eye - in the most modest but poignant moments of the record." - Instant Bullshit


Photo by Chan Masson