After a lifetime of playing bass and singing backing vocals in bands of all kinds like Nightwitches, Barbie Bangkok, Buffoon, Louie Louie, Crites, ERIIS, Mirabelle decided to step out of her comfort zone and try something new...on her own.

2020 began with the objective to start a band, record and play shows. But, the pandemic made that dream nearly impossible. Instead of waiting for the world to return to normal, she got to work. The first lockdown imposed sudden free time which was exactly what she needed to create, no strings attached. HAZE was born.

Everything was recorded at home, alone in her room, except for a couple of the guitar parts which was expertly done by the talents of Miguel Moors.

The honesty and fragility reflected in the music is reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Mazzy Star. Soothing vocals, edgy guitars, and laid back drum beats set the tone for this self-titled debut album.

Plug your headphones in, sit back, relax and let the soothing tunes of HAZE envelop you.

"Fool the World, a sweet song themed on the sour concept of narcissism ... The track arrives paired to a plain, beautifully lit and shot video which conclusively introduces a well-developed new act, in all probability fit for alternative rock's higher classes." - Destroy // Exist

"... Mirabelle van de Put or rather Haze, has delivered something incredibly beautiful with this album. An LP full of dark, atmospheric songs that also radiate warmth through the captivating voice of Mirabelle." - Dansende Beren