New years resolution (CA)

New Years Resolution came together in January of 2003, resolving, among other things, to do their dishes, stop jaywalking, and make beautiful music together. Having been active members of the Vancouver music scene in several other bands (Trail vs Russia, Down The Lees, Skinjobs, The Stunts) the smart and savvy three were looking for an outlet to satisfy their quirky music appetites. 

'Bullets of Love' made the top 10 of Vancouver college radio charts within the first month of release and received airplay on CBC's On The Coast program. Terminal City Weekly writer Jeff Lee said "…songs on Bullets are catchy and often quite pretty…NYR's sound has more edge, and substantially more depth than what you might hear on the Top Six at Six." 

With influences ranging from The Cure, Death Cab for Cutie and Yo la Tengo, to Blonde Redhead and Shellac, they have a versatile and original sound. Songs are anywhere from pretty and melodic pop, to edgy post-punk or just purely danceable. Over the years they played with established touring acts such as Xiu Xiu, The Organ, The Nein, and Minus the Bear as well as headlining their own successful live shows.

"Completely superb." - The Georgia Straight